The Music Cognition and Computation Lab at LSU

The Music Cognition and Computation Lab (MCCL) at LSU examines how musical organization might be reflected in the human mind. We focus primarily on the relationship between music and language, music and emotion, the nature of improvisation, and the multi-faceted nature of listening preferences.

The MCCL employs both experimental and computational approaches to address these questions. For example, we frequently employ computational modeling and corpus studies to be used to examine notions such as the development end evolution of musical style, the perception of keys, timbre and meter, and the comparison of music and language.

Our lab is housed in the Music and Dramatic Arts building (MDA) at LSU, and has additional access to resources and facilities provided by the Center for Computing and Technology.

Please contact Dr. Daniel Shanahan at dshanahan [at] lsu [dot] edu for more information.